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Gabi Herman, My Father, 1916-1983

Gabi, translating Morgenstern's poems to hebrew, Ein-Carem, 1980s

״Both roots", Morenstern, translated by Gabi Herman, in his hand writing

Lore, me, Gabi and Judith, my sister, Ramat Gan, 1960

Tiberias's promenade, watercolor, by Gabi Herman, 1950s 

Kineret and Kibitz Ein- Gev, watercolor, by Gabi Herman

Family's Living Room, Arnon st. , watercolor, by Gabi Herman, 1950s 

A gift from the Planning and Development Section at the IDF, given to Gabi Herman while retired from being commander, 1958

Business card, quality control manager, "Albar", Kfar- Saba

Certificate of appreciation for inventing a closure for military water tanks, 1953

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