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The JCC Manhattan has invited Nino Herman to exhibit a retrospective of his work in May 2016. This will be not only the first time this work will displayed outside of Israel, but the first time Nino has ever exhibited a comprehensive retrospective of his entire career with all of its different facets. The exhibition will juxtapose historical work, contemporary street photography, and abstract landscapes to paint a rarely seen image of Israel.


One might not guess that these seductive and tender portraits and moody abstract landscapes were taken in controversial Israel: a place with so many extremes, so much insecurity, a place where the question of life itself cannot be taken for granted. We are in need of images such as this in the media.























"I find inspiration and charm in the simplest things in life. Photography embodies more than the final image. It is a platform to create, connect, and develop a relationship of trust. I ask for the subject’s trust, and they know they are being photographed, yet through my process their self-consciousness evaporates, leaving the honest and magical moment that I strive to capture."  -Nino Herman



Exhibit info


For over 40 years, Nino Herman has been documenting the human face of Israel. Herman began his career as a press photographer in the Israeli government's media bureau; later he became the photography editor for the Israeli newspaper Maariv. These early photographs show the beginning of Herman's steady dedication to his subjects: whether immigrant children or the prime minister, all of Herman's subjects are presented as people of equal importance, with stories to tell. This exhibit also includes some of Herman's more recent work, which focuses on the street life of Tel Aviv.


On view May 11, 2016

JCC  Manhattan: 334 AMSTERDAM AVE AT 76TH ST, NEW YORK, NY 10023


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