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Yair Herman, our Son, 1980-2000 

When you come to meet me/ Nino Herman

When you come to meet me, Daddy,
take on no form

Come simply, for I am no longer who I was

And you are no longer your former form


So come to me simply on imagination's wings

And sense me like you once did


Something multi-faceted and formed

Similar to what was but is no longer


When you want to meet me, Daddy,

Just say so

I'm here


In loving memory of Yair Herman.

כשאתה בא לפגוש אותי/ נינו הרמן

כְּשֶׁאִתָּה בָּא לִפְגֹּשׁ אוֹתִי אַבָּא פְּשֹׁט צוּרָה 

כָּכָה פָּשׁוּט כִּי מִי שֶׁהָיִיתִי אֵינֶנִּי עוֹד 

גַּם אַתָּה אֵינְךָ צוּרָתְךָ

אָז בּוֹא אֱלֵי פָּשׁוּט עַל כָּנְפֵי הַדִּמְיוֹן

וְתָחוּשׁ אוֹתִי כְּמוֹ שֶׁחָשַׁת

מַשֶּׁהוּ שֶּׁיֵּשׁ בּוֹ הַרְבֵּה פָּנִים וְצוּרוֹת דּוֹמֶה לְמָה שֶׁהָיָה וְאֵינֶנּוּ עוֹד 

כְּשֶׁתִּרְצֶה לִפְגֹּשׁ אוֹתִי אַבָּא פָּשׁוּט אֱמֹר זֹאת 

אָנִי כָּאן פָּשׁוּט.

לזכרו של יאיר הרמן.

When you come- Nechama Esther
Screen Shot 5781-02-27 at 5.16.16 PM.png

A booklet in memory of Yair, made by the Education Corps in which Yair served as a military photographer


Yair, at the age  of 3, Nataf
He called himself "Nature Boy"


yair 15-4העטיפה copy.jpg

Yair, with Musa from Abu Ghosh, with whom he learned how to build terraces on the mountain slopes

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