These particular stairs were at the house I shared with Amir and Varda in the 1970s on Cremieux Street in the German Colony, Jerusalem.
Ascending and descending them each day was a test for me, much like all the other stairs leading to stages around the world up and down which I had hopped while travelling as a photographer.
As a child, I remember watching people's legs as they easily leapt, never stopping for a moment.
From  this house, where we celebrated our youth, I went out on hundreds of photography missions as Maariv newspaper's Jerusalem photographer. It is only in recent years that I feel this disability, at the time all it required was attention and thought as to how to cope. I walked around, living the experience that anything is possible, even now.
I recently found this photograph of our living room at home. The record player never stopped spinning, it was a huge celebration. What happened a moment earlier, or afterwards, doesn't really matter. This image is a concentrated moment of life for me, incepted by my eyes at that moment.
It certainly belongs to yesterday's world.

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